Monday, November 8, 2010

Wow, time has flown!

Since I haven't posted since June....
We got married!  The honeymoon to St. Lucia was great. 
School started, and now we're almost done with Aggie football season.  Hopefully I'll be better about posting in the future. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

June 2010

I'm behind, I know. I've been planning a wedding...
June, hmmm that was a while ago. Here's what I can remember:
School got out and summer vacation started. Yippee!
The first weekend of June, some of my oldest and dearest friends threw us a couples shower. Everything was wonderful, and it was nice to spend an evening with everyone.
Sue, Robby, Cary, me, Ryan (Jorg), Magen, Mike, Alison, and Jason
Me with the hostesses
Alison, Sue, me, and Magen

Robby, Jorg, Jason, and Cary

Jorgy has a friend at work who is married to a very talented lady. Didn't she make a wonderful cake? It tasted amazing too. Jorg had her do the oil derrick for Cary, a book for me (teacher), and A&M for the both of us. The book was made from a Rice Krispy Treat and covered in chocolate!

We were definitely showered in gifts! Our friends are very generous.

They brought in BBQ for dinner. What a cute idea of decorating the table with jeans!

The last weekend of June brought a lot of fun: our bachelor and bachelorette parties!
The girls and I headed to Wimberley, where we rented a house. I don't have too many pictures yet, as the girls need to send them to me. But even if I did... I'm not sure I'd share.
Cary and the boys rented a house on lake LBJ. I don't want to see pictures of what they did. ;-)
The girls and I did eat and drink at some great local places:

Everyone knows I'm not nearly as crafty as my mom, but she is rubbing off on me. Below are the flip flops we made for my bridesmaids, in case they want to be more comfortable at the wedding reception. Aren't they sooooo cute? You cut chiffon fabric and then slightly burn the edges to make them curl up. I love anything that involves fire! You do several of them, build them up until it looks like a flower, and then sew a button in the middle.

Now it's July, and you know what that means:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Showers, graduation parties, and vacations!

May means the school year is ending (Praise God!), and I'm sure no one was more excited than my cousin. He is officially now a Baylor Bear!

Kacee and me enjoying the nice weather outside while visiting with family and friends.

But before school wrapped up, my wonderful 3rd grade team threw me a wedding shower. Isn't this rose beautiful? There were several vases of them.

My mom (taking the picture) and my aunt, Fonda, joined me at the shower.
A group of my mom's friends (they are my friends too!) threw me a shower as well. Below are the wonderful women that threw the shower, but they also witnessed God's love to me as counselors of my church's youth group while I was in high school.

While at this shower I received one of the best gifts my mom has ever given me: My Zeta T-shirt quilt!!!!! All it took was me getting married ;-)
A few weeks later, Cary and I joined some friends in Fredricksburg, TX. We rented out the three bedrooms in a cute bed and breakfast (The Roadrunner- highly recommend it!). We visited several of the local wineries and then headed on over to the big ole town of Luckenbach, TX. For those of you that have never been, there is only a bar and a store there... my kind of place! They had bands playing, and we all enjoyed sitting by the creek, visiting, and listening to the music.

The soon-to-be Cooks, the Bakers, and the Murphys at Becker Vineyards. They were having Lavender Fest that day as well.

Cary wasn't sure of the purpose of this picture, but it turned out cute.
Boys being boys
No, that is not my beer but we thought it would enhance the picture
The next weekend, Cary's mom came down and helped us "revamp" our front yard. Below is just a sneek peek. You can't really apprecite it until everything grows in, but let me tell you- it was A LOT of work!

Memorial Day weekend has become a tradition at Cary's friend's lakehouse in Palestine, TX.
It's so peaceful and quiet while looking out over the lake.
And then this crew wakes up!

Washers is the game of choice around here, with a twist of course for the losing team! Cary and Kylan believe that they are # 1.

I can't believe we survived all the May events. Thank goodness summer is approaching, and maybe we can rest.....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

April Showers....

April was busy! We got a new computer- yea. I took pictures of Bobby's and Kacee's birthday dinner and can't find where on the new computer I saved them- boo.

In early April, Uncle Cary and I went over to bring presents to baby Huntley and Mr. J. As we were playing, the little ham that he is wanted to help Aunt Deb take a picture. Not the best of me, but look how darn cute he is!

I thought a Jack-in-the-Box would be fun.

April also brought Dad's 60th birthday.

Another fun time playing with Huntley and Jamison. Even Shiner likes to wear the beads!

Aren't I cute? Can you believe how big I've gotten?

Uncle Cary and his girl

So little...

In mid April we traveled to Austin for Matt's and Stef's wedding. So pretty! Cary was honored to be a groomsmen and really liked the Tommy Bahama outfits that Matt picked for them to wear. Matt will be a groomsmen in our wedding in July- Cary wishes now that he didn't pick suits for the guys to wear in July in Houston!

Our first shower!!!!! My aunt and uncle hosted a family shower for us in late April. We are so blessed to have such loving and generous families.
Or course my mom couldn't go one event without giving Cary a special gift. This almost creeps me out- the hair looks so real!!!

Father of the Bride
Sorry Bob and Kacee- I can't find the pics of you in your birthday hats at dinner.
I'll keep searching.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

March 2010

March means Spring Break!!!! Cary had a conference in San Antonio during my Spring Break, so that Thursday I went and met him. We of course had to have Mexican food on the Riverwalk.
We then headed over to the Alamo. I haven't been in years! There was a long line, so we decided to just walk around the grounds instead of waiting in line to enter the historic building.
Standing at the famous line that was drawn in the sand. I have a picture of my brother and I standing here when I was in 4th grade.

Beautiful weather!

We then decided to spend our afternoon enjoying the Riverwalk

It was then time for dinner. I highly recommend this place! Very nice dinner overlooking the river. (Cary had eaten next door a few nights before with work people. They are both owned by the same people. Wonderful atmosphere!)

They even give you ponchos to wear since the nights tend to cool off.

We then began walking back to our hotel and saw a horse and carriage. I have never ridden on one, so Cary decided tonight would be the perfect time to do so!

Jack, our ride, was great! He's a Clydesdale.

The next day we headed to Sea World! Don't worry, we kept our distance from Shamu.

Unfortunately, Cary wasn't on Spring Break so this is what he did in between a lot of the shows.

I was fine though; I had cotton candy!

The Clyde and Seymour Show

That night we drove to Marble Falls. The next day I took Cary on part of the Hill Country Wine Tour. He's never been to a Texas winery, and I knew he'd love it. This is one of the wineries we stopped at. We forgot to take pictures at the others! Our favorite is probably Stonehouse. If you ever are in the area, go visit!

We just bought a little bit of wine. ;-)
(more is being shipped to us since we joined a wine club)

The following weekend, Brittany came for a visit. It was perfect timing. She won't be able to travel soon- due to pregnancy- and after she left us she was put on bed rest. I'm glad we made good use of our time!
I love when my friends are pregnant! Some how I justify joining them in their cravings.

After dropping Brittany off, we headed to the Art Festival. We didn't buy anything, but the weather was great!

I love this time of year when the bluebonnets come out!

The BEST part of the month came when Huntley Jordan joined the family! Jessi and John (Cary's brother) welcomed their second child on March 31st. Now I can't wait to see Jamison react to his little sister!