Sunday, May 2, 2010

April Showers....

April was busy! We got a new computer- yea. I took pictures of Bobby's and Kacee's birthday dinner and can't find where on the new computer I saved them- boo.

In early April, Uncle Cary and I went over to bring presents to baby Huntley and Mr. J. As we were playing, the little ham that he is wanted to help Aunt Deb take a picture. Not the best of me, but look how darn cute he is!

I thought a Jack-in-the-Box would be fun.

April also brought Dad's 60th birthday.

Another fun time playing with Huntley and Jamison. Even Shiner likes to wear the beads!

Aren't I cute? Can you believe how big I've gotten?

Uncle Cary and his girl

So little...

In mid April we traveled to Austin for Matt's and Stef's wedding. So pretty! Cary was honored to be a groomsmen and really liked the Tommy Bahama outfits that Matt picked for them to wear. Matt will be a groomsmen in our wedding in July- Cary wishes now that he didn't pick suits for the guys to wear in July in Houston!

Our first shower!!!!! My aunt and uncle hosted a family shower for us in late April. We are so blessed to have such loving and generous families.
Or course my mom couldn't go one event without giving Cary a special gift. This almost creeps me out- the hair looks so real!!!

Father of the Bride
Sorry Bob and Kacee- I can't find the pics of you in your birthday hats at dinner.
I'll keep searching.