Friday, January 1, 2010

December 2009

I swear I get on here and check all of your blogs, but I haven't found time to update my own. So, here is December 2009 for us. It was a busy one.
Snow~ We had A LOT of snow out here in Katy. I have more pictures of it with my students, but I'm not posting their pictures on here. We had a fun time playing and of course trying to eat it! Some of us just stood there and laughed- I guess out of pure shock about how hard it was snowing! We had early release that day due to the weather, and when I got home around 2:00 our house looked like this. It stayed on the ground through the night and several roofs in the neighborhood had it the next day depending on how the sun hit.
30th birthdays~ The next day we celebrated Christine's and her twin sister's 30th birthday! Christine is my former roommate, and I hate that I don't get to see her daily anymore. Dang boys- she went and got married and now me. She and I would have been perfectly happy to live with each other in that apartment forever! (We hate packing and moving.) Everyone went to dinner, watched the Big 12 game (NE was robbed by that never failing win-it-in-the-end texas team), and then went out for a bit.
Welcome to the 30 Club twins!
Weddings~ December 12th was the Hood-Baker wedding! Alison is a long time dear friend of mine, and Jason is Cary's former roommate. They are the ones I hold responsible for me and Cary meeting! We were both a part of the wedding party and were honored to be included. I didn't have my camera on me, but luckily Ryan (another long time dear friend) was there- he ALWAYS has a camera!

Wish Lists~ Every time you asked Cary this year what he wanted for Christmas he replied, "Drums." Well, that ain't happening! One day while in Best Buy, we walked by one of the Rock Band games or whatever it was. Cary played the drums for about 2 seconds and then lost interest. I knew he would! He says it's because he wants real drums. Too bad. But here is a picture to prove I at least let him play for second.

Family Get-Together~ Jessi, my future sister-in-law, had the great idea of having Cary's extended family and our immediate families get together for a brunch. Unfortunately, all the pictures were taken on other's cameras. We had a great time together, and it was so sweet of Jessi and her mom to open their home and invite us all in.

Christmas~ We spent Christmas Eve in Kingwood with my family. Dad is missing from a lot of pictures because he had to stay after the service we attended to usher. Below is Charley jumping with excitement over the peanut butter bone I got him. Why do we encourage this behavior?

Me and Cary

Mom and the boys

Papa, Bobby, and me

Christmas Day we drove to College Station to celebrate with Cary's family. Below the cutest lil' boy in the world (Cary's nephew) is enjoying animal crackers with Nan.

All of our stockings. Claire made them all! I love that Jessi and I have doggies on ours! Cary has deer and his brother has ducks. Richard (dad) has camo, Claire (mom) has birds, and Jamison has doggies too. Very appropriate for each!

Cary's parents made him this wonderful "box." He has been wanting something to put wood and charcoal in out by the grill. It is sealed and everything so it will be safe from wind, rain, etc. Now we can keep it out on the porch and don't have to drag stuff from the garage though the house every time we grill (which is often). They did a great job!

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to Cary from his parents!

New Years Eve~ We spent New Years Eve with some friends at Smith & Wollensky's. Great food, drinks, and desserts! Below are pictures of the night. For some reason I don't have pictures of Nick and Kristi! Oops.
They sat us in the wine cellar so we had our own private room surrounded by wine. If you know this group, you know nothing could have made us happier!

The recently married Mr. and Mrs. Baker

The soon to be married

Happy New Year everyone! 2010 is going to be a big year for us. Several people have already pointed out to me that it's our wedding year! I can't believe it. My "bride gene" should be kicking in soon and more wedding plans will be taken care of.
2010- it's gonna be a good year!