Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I am so blessed and my future in-laws had everyone at their house in College Station before the t.u. game. My family and Jessi's parents were all invited to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Cooks. Even though our Aggies lost, they played hard, and we all enjoyed our time together.

Some of the girls in the kitchen
The Cooks and the Burtons

Enjoying the beautiful back yard and porch

My parents

Bobby, Kacee, Cary, me, Dad, and Mom before heading out to "beat the hell outta t.u."


Sunday, November 15, 2009

The last few weeks....

I've been bad about blogging; sorry. There is no rest for the bride-to-be.
The last few weekends have been busy with family and friend time, a friend's wedding shower, Aggie football games (even though it's been ugly), and enjoying time outside.
A few weeks back, we went with John (Cary's brother) and Jessi to take Jamison to Dewberry Farm. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed yummy food.
Jamison LOVED the goats! Uncle Cary said he's getting J a gate for Christmas. It was fun to watch J scream and shake the gate back and forth!

Fun on the slide with Mommy!

Aren't I cute?

Uncle Cary and almost officially Aunt Debbie

The Cook boys hanging out at our house

I have also been out wedding dress hunting, I mean shopping. Wow, what an experience! There are so many dresses out there.
Mom and my old roomie, Christine, went with me last Tuesday to several bridal salons. I took Tuesday off from work and tried on lots of dresses. None were that great, but at least we found what looks best on me.
This past Saturday while Mom was out of town, Christine, Jessi, and I went to one more bridal salon. I have found two dresses that could be "the one!" Mom will return from Silver Bella today, and Thursday we will go and show her the dress. I'm hoping the dress selection will help me get the ball rolling on other decisions. Everyone tells me that the dress dictates everything else.
Oh! And not only do I get to be Aunt Debbie to sweet Jamison, but he has a SISTER on the way! Jessi is due in April with a baby girl. Now I will have a nephew AND a niece! Once I finally decide on bride's maid dresses and colors, we'll have to find Baby Girl a tiny dress to match! She'll be 3 months old at the wedding.