Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hit the ground running!

That's right, it's 11:00 on a Saturday night, and I'm doing graduate school work. Cary is at a friend's ranch this weekend, so I decided to use my time wisely. I had to go shopping and run errands before I could start working though. At about 5:00 tonight I began my assignments. I'm still not done, but have accomplished a lot. If I can stay on top of it, then hopefully I won't stress too much this last semester.
Next weekend we'll be in Tyler celebrating Papa's 90th birthday! A big year of birthdays for us Richters... Papa turns 90, I turn 30, and Mom turns, well, let's just say it's a big one too!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Regardless of who you voted for, today you could feel the hope, excitement, and over whelming joy at my school. The internet and projector were turned on early in my classroom this morning so that my kiddos could watch (and I could explain) what all was going on. Watching my minority students watch history happen brought tears to my eyes. Some of them seemed to understand, while others were just excited to eat lunch in the classroom instead of the cafeteria. (Our lunch time was smack in the middle of Obama being sworn in.) I know it's all politics, but today did give me hope.
I would have loved to be inside George W.'s and Laura's heads this morning. I can only think that as they boarded the helicopter, they were ready to get the hall outta of D.C. and back to TEXAS! I'll be interested as to where he puts his Presidential Library.
Gotta go watch the Neighborhood Ball- after all, I told my students to watch it tonight!
One last note- I can't believe Mariah Carey's boobs didn't fall or pop out of that dress while she sang Hero! Geez!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Busy, Busy

We got some more done on the house this weekend: hung pictures, got a phone w/ answering machine, got a new mattress for Cary (his is OLD and I'm tired of him saying his back hurts), got the entertainment center built-ins done (now they need to be painted), and Tim came over for dinner last night. Whew- I need a day off... oh wait- I have today off! ;-)

I start my LAST SEMESTER of grad school tonight! I'm excited because I know it will all go fast, but I'm nervous about the final comps. and certification test I have to take. I'm beginning the job search as well. If anyone hears of anything, send it my way please.

Some pics:

The dining room before:


The new built-ins (need to be painted):

The new couch. Still waiting on the matching love-seat, chair, and ottoman.

It's fun to decorate and get new stuff... until the bills start coming in!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Brittany text me today and said today is BABY DAY! Graydon was to be delivered by C-section at 4:30 P.M. I can't wait to hear from her and see pictures!!!
Today also is a good day because it's mine and Cary's anniversary of our first date. I feel like I should be watching Juno tonight. Sadly, Cary and I aren't spending tonight together, but I'm sure we'll celebrate this weekend while organizing and decorating our beautiful new home.
I watched Bush give his final speech as president tonight. I remember what seems like forever ago, staying up late, cracking a beer, and celebrating with my friends when he won. (although it wasn't final due to the "hanging chads" and the media told us all to go to bed) Now Obama will be our president. I am excited about teaching my students about this historic moment.
A lot of personal changes will be coming up this semester: moving out of the apartment (my things going to the house and me going to my parents') graduating, finding a new job, Bobby and Kacee planning a wedding, Alison and Jason planning a wedding, and Tony and Christine getting married in May!
Change is scary, but I'm looking forward to it all.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Test, test, test

Am I doing this right? I guess I'll give blogging a shot....