Sunday, October 18, 2009

We're Engaged!

This weekend Cary and I went to Gruene, Texas in the Hill Country. Cary had never been, so we planned a weekend get away. The weather was perfect. Friday night as we were relaxing on our room balcony and enjoying wine, Cary got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I of course said, "YES!"
After calling our families and sharing the exciting news, we went into Gruene and enjoyed dinner together. Below are just a few pictures from the most amazing and perfect weekend ever.

The view from our balcony at the Gruene River Inn.

Us down by the river where we stayed.

The front of Gruene River Inn

Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby Love

"Aunt Debbie" finally got to go see my best friend's little girl, Emerson Kate. She is adorable and is so good! I got there on Saturday and tried my best to help out Magen and Mike, the sleepy parents. Emerson is so cute and makes the funniest noises while she is sleeping. Some times she sounds like a little goat- it sounds like the beginning of a cry, but nope, just being a goat!

The Schott family
We were all on our way out to Emerson's first party- Sunday afternoon one of Magen's coworkers had a house warming party. Emerson did wonderful, of course, being passed around and being adored. The day before she was great while we watched the A&M game at Plucker's.
Aunt Deb had to leave Monday, but Magen promises to try and send me pictures as often as possible. Isn't Emerson cute? I dressed her today while Mommy got showered/dressed.
Oh! And happy two year anniversary today Magen and Mike. Your love has created a beautiful little girl!