Wednesday, July 28, 2010

June 2010

I'm behind, I know. I've been planning a wedding...
June, hmmm that was a while ago. Here's what I can remember:
School got out and summer vacation started. Yippee!
The first weekend of June, some of my oldest and dearest friends threw us a couples shower. Everything was wonderful, and it was nice to spend an evening with everyone.
Sue, Robby, Cary, me, Ryan (Jorg), Magen, Mike, Alison, and Jason
Me with the hostesses
Alison, Sue, me, and Magen

Robby, Jorg, Jason, and Cary

Jorgy has a friend at work who is married to a very talented lady. Didn't she make a wonderful cake? It tasted amazing too. Jorg had her do the oil derrick for Cary, a book for me (teacher), and A&M for the both of us. The book was made from a Rice Krispy Treat and covered in chocolate!

We were definitely showered in gifts! Our friends are very generous.

They brought in BBQ for dinner. What a cute idea of decorating the table with jeans!

The last weekend of June brought a lot of fun: our bachelor and bachelorette parties!
The girls and I headed to Wimberley, where we rented a house. I don't have too many pictures yet, as the girls need to send them to me. But even if I did... I'm not sure I'd share.
Cary and the boys rented a house on lake LBJ. I don't want to see pictures of what they did. ;-)
The girls and I did eat and drink at some great local places:

Everyone knows I'm not nearly as crafty as my mom, but she is rubbing off on me. Below are the flip flops we made for my bridesmaids, in case they want to be more comfortable at the wedding reception. Aren't they sooooo cute? You cut chiffon fabric and then slightly burn the edges to make them curl up. I love anything that involves fire! You do several of them, build them up until it looks like a flower, and then sew a button in the middle.

Now it's July, and you know what that means:

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Nathalie Thompson said...

Happy one month anniversary! Saw your hilarious comments on your mom's blog and HAD to stop by. I am still chuckling. :))