Sunday, April 4, 2010

March 2010

March means Spring Break!!!! Cary had a conference in San Antonio during my Spring Break, so that Thursday I went and met him. We of course had to have Mexican food on the Riverwalk.
We then headed over to the Alamo. I haven't been in years! There was a long line, so we decided to just walk around the grounds instead of waiting in line to enter the historic building.
Standing at the famous line that was drawn in the sand. I have a picture of my brother and I standing here when I was in 4th grade.

Beautiful weather!

We then decided to spend our afternoon enjoying the Riverwalk

It was then time for dinner. I highly recommend this place! Very nice dinner overlooking the river. (Cary had eaten next door a few nights before with work people. They are both owned by the same people. Wonderful atmosphere!)

They even give you ponchos to wear since the nights tend to cool off.

We then began walking back to our hotel and saw a horse and carriage. I have never ridden on one, so Cary decided tonight would be the perfect time to do so!

Jack, our ride, was great! He's a Clydesdale.

The next day we headed to Sea World! Don't worry, we kept our distance from Shamu.

Unfortunately, Cary wasn't on Spring Break so this is what he did in between a lot of the shows.

I was fine though; I had cotton candy!

The Clyde and Seymour Show

That night we drove to Marble Falls. The next day I took Cary on part of the Hill Country Wine Tour. He's never been to a Texas winery, and I knew he'd love it. This is one of the wineries we stopped at. We forgot to take pictures at the others! Our favorite is probably Stonehouse. If you ever are in the area, go visit!

We just bought a little bit of wine. ;-)
(more is being shipped to us since we joined a wine club)

The following weekend, Brittany came for a visit. It was perfect timing. She won't be able to travel soon- due to pregnancy- and after she left us she was put on bed rest. I'm glad we made good use of our time!
I love when my friends are pregnant! Some how I justify joining them in their cravings.

After dropping Brittany off, we headed to the Art Festival. We didn't buy anything, but the weather was great!

I love this time of year when the bluebonnets come out!

The BEST part of the month came when Huntley Jordan joined the family! Jessi and John (Cary's brother) welcomed their second child on March 31st. Now I can't wait to see Jamison react to his little sister!


Kim said...

Tell Jessie I said congrats on her new little cutie pie! Can't wait to see all your wedding choices. Do you have an official date yet?

Linda said...

Did you tell Kim you have an official date! That's too funny. Well..great post.... Brittany looks wonderful. I love that restaurant that gives you ponchos to wear...need to go there! Yesterday was fun...hope I didn't torment you know who too much!